Monaghan King of the Mountain

On Saturday 27th August, the SAAC gathered in Halls Gap for the Lois Trimble King of the Mountain event.

Lois has been a valued sponsor for many years and presented the winning sashes to Jess Maffescioni and Nathan Baker.

Leon Monaghan won the event after handicaps were applied. “I try to run 5km three times a week. I enjoy the SAAC runs just as much for the social catch-up as for improving my fitness. I’m looking forward to doing some Park Runs over the next few months, thanks to Lois Trimble and all the organisers for running such a great meet.” said Leon. 

Lolah Freeland won the sub juniors ahead of Alfie Freeland and Beau Freeland with Tanner Freeland recording the fastest time.

The penultimate event of the season, is Saturday 3/9, with Axis employment 5km Big Hill Handicap registrations from 9:30 am.

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