Monaghan finishes in style

The Chris Blake 3km Championship event’s final race of the season was run in perfect conditions Saturday 10th September in the Ironbarks.

Col Barnett 12:10 stormed home to claim the fastest time followed by Drew Christian at 12:20, an the third fastest was Nathan Baker at 12:47.

Jess Maffescioni at 13:37 was the fastest female followed by Elise Monaghan at 14:03 and the third fastest was Naomi Hunter at 16:49.

Nash Santuccione at 14:01 was the fastest sub-junior racing in the 3km followed by Jerome Baker at 14:10 and third fastest was Will Freeland at 14:56. In the sub-junior 1km event Jerome Baker at 4:15 finished fastest followed by Nash Santuccione 4:17 with Tanner Freeland 4:20 finishing third fastest.

The Stawell Amateur Athletics Club events have handicap times for all participants with runners of all ages enjoying social cross country runs. After the handicap times were applied the Senior winner was Elise Monaghan, Joel Freeland second, and Jess Maffescioni third. In the sub-juniors Claire Monaghan claimed first place, Kade Santuccione second, and Cameron Christian third.

Drew Christian won the Rickard teams trophy, Keith Haymes aggregate trophy, Open Championship, and Veteran Championship. The only senior to complete all 21 events, Drew has had a fantastic, consistent running season with great family support.

Jess Maffescioni won the Open & Veteran Championship trophies reflecting the hard work she puts in every week. Claire Christian won the Freeland Sub-junior aggregate trophy having raced most of the season with consistent wins/places throughout 2022. 

The Club will commence the 2023 season in March with most runners active throughout the offseason, we wish all participants in the Melbourne marathon event all the best.

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