From Newbie to Marathon Maniac: Prockter Powers Through Pyke’s Cycles Challenge!

Dust off your running shoes and crank up the excitement, because the Iron Barks hosted another epic cross-country adventure at the Pyke’s Cycles Handicap! New member Alex Prockter, fueled by dreams of a sub-3:30 marathon in October, absolutely crushed the 16km figure-eight course, proving his 100km+ weekly training is paying off!

Tom Walker may have clocked the fastest 16km time, zooming in under 60 minutes, but Prockter’s strategic handicap play landed him the overall victory. And let’s not forget Nathan Baker, who held his own for a well-deserved third place.

But the fun wasn’t limited to the marathon maniacs! The beauty of the figure-eight course allowed runners of all levels to join the party, tackling 4km, 8km, or 12km loops while soaking in the sunshine and the stunning blooming wattle.

The juniors weren’t just enjoying the scenery, they were battling it out! Grace Monaghan claimed her first win of the season, leaving the Davies brothers, Hunter and Flynn, in her dust.

And in the sub-junior dash, it was a family affair! Oakley Baker edged out his siblings, Amber and Hamish, for a thrilling first-place finish. Looks like the Baker genes are strong in the running department!

Ready for your next adventure? Mark your calendars for the Poolwerx Handicap in Horsham next week! Details on the club’s Facebook page. Don’t miss out on the chance to push your limits, soak in the scenery, and maybe even discover your inner marathon maniac!

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