Grape Expectations Exceeded: Runners Crush Concongella Vineyard Challenge!

Picture this: rolling vineyards bathed in sunshine, runners weaving through the vines like nimble grapes on the vine, and the sweet smell of victory in the air. That’s exactly what went down at the SAAC and SACCC combined run, hosted by club legend Garry Rice at his picturesque vineyard.

Twenty-two athletes took on the varied terrain, tackling distances fit for any runner, from the zippy 1km sub-junior dash to the lung-busting 6.5km senior race. And let me tell you, these runners weren’t just there to admire the scenery!

In the sub-junior dash, Amber Baker claimed her first win of the season, leaving siblings Catherine and Christian Clarke trailing by a hair’s breadth. But the real nail-biter came in the junior race! Nash Santuccione and Alfie Freeland battled it out in a sprint finish so close, that it could have been a photo finish (almost!). Tanner Freeland wasn’t far behind, securing a well-deserved third place.

The senior’s race saw Tom Walker taking home the gold (and the bragging rights!), not only winning on handicap but also crushing the course with a lightning-fast time of 22 minutes and 50 seconds. Newcomer Vince Consumano proved he’s a name to watch, snagging second place, while club stalwart Col Barnett rounded out the podium.

But the real winner? The spirit of community and competition that filled the air, making this more than just a race, but a celebration of running and camaraderie.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, challenging run with stunning scenery and a warm welcome, mark your calendars! The club returns on July 23rd for the Lindsay Kent Memorial Championship. Open to all, from seasoned runners to those just starting, it’s the perfect chance to experience the joy of cross-country running. Don’t miss out!

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