Marathon Training Pays off for Tyler

Vicki Tyler finally secures a win in the Youngs Sportspower 10 kilometre handicap.
“I was so happy to have a win. It’s been a while,” says Vicki. “In the last few races, I have been trailing Sharon Howden.” The two Horsham runners have both been training for marathons. Vicki for the Melbourne marathon next month and Sharon ran in the Adelaide marathon last month. In the past few races, the pair could be seen slugging it out, Sharon in front and Vicki not far behind. Sharon’s win in the previous race cost her with a bigger handicap giving Vicki enough space for her win.

Stephanie Schulz ran second, 52 seconds behind Tyler. Sharon managed third just one minute 15 seconds behind the winner. This was Stephanie’s second race with the club. In this race, she started ahead of Vicki and was overtaken by her, but Stephanie hung on grimly to retain second place. The longer distance must suit her because in her previous 5-kilometre race she came 12th. Not far behind was Sharon closing in despite her increased handicap.

Vicki is aiming to run the Melbourne marathon in 4 hours. She will have husband Kel running there too. This event is on the 15 th of October, which is after this club’s last race on the 6 th. I understand Vicki has a race on the 14 th as well, but thinks it‘s not a bad thing to be a bit tired at the beginning of a marathon.

In the Sub-Juniors race over one kilometre, Tom Urquhart prevailed over Olivia Hunter and Jay Jay Nitschke came third.

The Lois Trimble King of the Mountain will be at Halls Gap next Saturday (23 rd ) for a 5 kilometre race. Meet at the oval at Halls Gap at 9:30. Fun runners are welcome. After that there only two races left for the cross country season, a 3 kilometre championship on 30th September, and a 5 kilometre race at Big Hill on 6 th October.

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