Sienna Forges History at the Double

History continued on its merry march when twelve-year-old Sienna Santuccione became not only the first of her age to win a seniors race with the Stawell Amateur Athletic Club and then back it up to win again at her very next start.

She has having only her third run at eight kilometres in the Lindsay Kent Memorial Handicap and it now seems logical that a week later she would be stronger in  the five kilometre Kieran Ryan Handicap, a distance more suited to a schoolgirl’s range.

In both races times her family friend, Claire Davies, was the nearest chaser.

This was the fourth time in ten races to feature an all-girl trifecta, all the more remarkable because the club boasts about equal numbers of male and females.

Santuccione is thriving on the experience. Her five kilometre rate has already toppled from 29.20 minutes in April to 27.42, on a tougher course, in June.

Gracious in victory, Sienna said that the opportunity to run with the club is “the highlight of my week. I so look forward to it that Saturday has become my favourite day.”

She has become a regular at Stawell’s Central Park on Monday nights, enjoying the company of young and old in 45 minute sessions that focus on speed and endurance “at your own pace.”

“I’ve always loved sport and exercise and I’m so proud of everybody who gets involved because it beats sitting on the couch.”

Sienna graduated from the Sub-Junior ranks only this season, keen for the challenge of racing much more seasoned runners over longer distances.

In the one kilometre Sub-Junior Handicap for toddlers to pre-teen, Sophie Fletcher romped to a decisive win over Jerome Baker and Emila Jones but it was Nash Santuccione and Will Freeland who thrilled onlookers racing neck and neck to dead heat in fastest time.

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