Run for a Chance to Win $250 Voucher from Stawell SportsPower


The Stawell Amateur Athletic Club has devised a way to transform the region’s “biggest losers” into winners.

In partnership with Shane and Robyn Young of Stawell Sportspower, the club and its sister club the Stawell and Ararat Cross Country Club are offering a chance to win a $250 Sportspower voucher to anyone who completes five cross country races with either club from April to October.

“Those who participate have 40 runs to choose from, over distances ranging from three to 10 kilometres,” said SAAC President, Keith Lofthouse. “They can run either Saturday or Sunday and it will cost them no more than $5 for each run. These five runs are really fun runs designed to prove to anyone of any age how easy it is to keep fit with just a little effort.”

Lofthouse, whose age, 65, equals his weight, said that both the Stawell and Ararat-based clubs are littered with success stories of members who have joined to lose weight and whose experience with the clubs have been “life changing.”

“Our clubs race under handicap conditions which gives everyone a chance of winning, from the slowest to the oldest. The fact is that most people who set out for a jog will cover two kilometres in around 10 minutes and if they do that three times a week they’ll be running 5ks in no time.”

From Thursday, the club will occupy Shop 108 on Stawell’s Main Street accepting entries in the annual  5km Lindsay Kent Memorial Fun Run on Easter Sunday, enrolling participants in the Sportspower promotion and accepting club memberships.

Lofthouse stressed that there is no obligation on fun runners to join the clubs.

“Members have extra benefits in that they can win trophies, prizes, and sashes and fun runners can be part of that if they wish. For families with kids we have races over shorter distances and it costs as little as one dollar to enter.”

For further information call 53562493 or check out the club websites

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