Blair Sprints to Victory

The Stawell Amateur Athletic Club held the McDonald Hair-dressing Handicap last weekend, with 23 Senior runners lining up for the 8 km handicap race.

The course headed through the Iron Barks bushland, up and down hills and over rugged terrain. Front runner Gaynor Radovic set the pace, passing Gary Saunders and managing to hold off John Collins and Peter Blair to the last 500m.

With 200m to go, John Collins had a handy 5 metre lead, but Peter Blair, known for his fast finishes, put the Blair Sprint into action and passed John Collins on the line to clinch victory. Gaynor Radovic finished 3rd.

The fastest male was Col Barnett in a time of 29 min 56 sec.The fastest female was Susie Ellis in a time of 35 min 34 sec

Thirteen Juniors ran a 2 km race with front marker Blair leading all the way to hold off Hugh to win. Aaron was third and also ran fastest junior time of the day with 7 min 41 sec.

The fastest junior girl was Adelene in a time of 8 min 51 sec.

Isaac, not to be out done by older brother Blair, won the Sub-Junior 1 km handicap race from Harry in second place.

Nathan put in a strong run with fastest time of 3 min 58 sec. Hannah was the fastest girl in a time of 4 min 49 sec.

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