Peter Wins the Best’s Winery Classic

On an overcast misty morning, the SAAC raced with SACCC for the first of three combined races this season.

The club would like to thank Best’s Winery for their sponsorship and venue for the race.

Peter Hilbig ran an excellent cross country race to storm home by 47 seconds ahead of Terry Jenkins and Leon Monaghan for third.

Recovering from his 12km Run the Gap race, Peter felt in great shape to tackle the 8km Great Western course. He has improved his race pace from the previous 5km run and handled the longer course with ease.

Once again, the fastest female goes to Jess Maffescioni and Nathan Baker for fastest Male.

Tanner Freeland ran a strong sub-junior race to clock the fastest time, 4:07.

Kade Santuccione pushed hard to claim victory ahead of his brother Nash, while Claire Christian set a PB of 4:32 to finish in third place.

Next week the club travels to Horsham for the Howden’s Handicap 6.5km race on Saturday 4th June.

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