Jenkins Back to his Best

Saturday 19th March was a perfect day for the opening race for the 2022 season.

The Grampians Insurance Brokers handicap winner was Terry Jenkins with a great time of 27:30.

Terry has been running over 50 km each week leading up to the race aiming to run 5 minutes per kilometre.

Terry has been running with the club for many seasons and is hopeful that this year might be the year he claims the aggregate award. He remains physically fit and healthy because “It’s good for your brain” and enjoys club races as “Great social interactions”.

Tom Walker was the fastest runner with a time of 17:16 over the 5 km. Jess Maffescioni was the fastest female with a time of 22:45. With adjusted handicaps both runners claimed second and third places respectively.

A large field of sub-juniors lined up for the first race of the season. Grace Monaghan claimed her first win ahead of Kade Santuccione and Flynn Davies came in third place. Most of the field was within a minute which is a great result for the new Handicapper Simon Edge.

Will Freeland was the fastest runner posting a personal best time of 4:12.

Well done to the 2021 SAAC trophy recipients; Jess Maffescioni winning the senior aggregate sponsored by Keith Haymes, Elise Monaghan winning the team trophy sponsored by Kathleen Rickard, and Kade Santuccione winning the sub-junior aggregate sponsored by
Bob & Margie Freeland.

New club singlets are available to all runners, the syllabus can be found on the club’s website, registration for the next 7 km A. Peterson Handicap race Saturday 26th March at 9:30 am at the clubrooms, Northpark.

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