Rickard Teams Trophy

Turn up and run each week and your chances of winning this handsome trophy will be enhanced.

Competitors are randomly placed into teams of three or four, or even five, whichever divides equally into the number of starters we have.

The team with the least number of points on the day, taken by adding together the individual team members’ race placings, is the winner.

Points are awarded each week on the same basis as the Aggregate and Championship

Rickard Team Trophy points are awarded as follows :

  1. 12 points
  2. 10 points
  3. 9 points
  4. 8 points
  5. 7 points
  6. 6 points
  7. 5 points
  8. 4 points
  9. 3 points, for all other placings

In the event of an odd number not allowing teams to be divided evenly (for example, a team of four against teams of three) the fourth member to finish on handicap will be excluded from the calculation but that individual will still be awarded the minimum team points awarded for that race.

(Subjuniors are excluded from the teams draw each week.)


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